1. These pennies were a result of the copper shortage during World War II, making them rare and valuable.

2. However, some 1943 pennies were mistakenly minted using copper planchets, adding to their intrigue and mystery.

3. Only a handful of these copper pennies have been found, making them highly sought after by collectors.

4. The authenticity of these coins has been doubted by some, with theories of them being faked or altered.

5. However, extensive testing has proven that these pennies were indeed minted in 1943 and are not counterfeit.

6. The value of these copper pennies has continued to rise over the years, with some estimated to be worth over a million dollars.

7. The mystery of the 1943 copper penny continues to fascinate and intrigue people, solidifying its place as one of the most rare and valuable coins in US history.