1. Iowa corn on the cob is a beloved summer staple, especially when slathered in fragrant herb butter.

2. This recipe combines the sweetness of Iowa corn with the savory flavors of herbs and butter for a tasty and satisfying side dish.

3. The creamy herb butter creates a rich and decadent coating on the tender and juicy corn kernels.

4. Eating Iowa corn on the cob with herb butter is like a flavor explosion in every bite.

5. The use of fresh herbs like parsley, thyme, and dill in the butter adds a burst of freshness to the sweet corn.

6. The herb butter not only adds flavor but also creates a beautiful presentation with its vibrant green color.

7. After trying this recipe, you'll never want to eat plain corn on the cob again.

8. It's a fantastic way to showcase the delicious and abundant Iowa corn grown on local farms.